Stronaba Croft Cabins



The world we live in has changed as a result of Covid-19 and, at Stronaba Croft Cabins, we want to assure our guests that we are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus.

We are fortunate that our rural location means guests will come into contact with no-one other than possibly our staff or other guests. Our Cabins are appropriately ‘socially distanced’ to prevent contact with other guests and we can arrange non-contact check in, if required, to safeguard the health of guests.

Our self-contained cabins and their adjacent private patio leading directly to a private parking space means our guests can be assured that there is no possibility of coming into contact with other guests, or staff – if that is desired.

In addition, the following measures will be taken to ensure the health and well-being of guests.

  • Face coverings are mandatory for staff and guests, if we are required to meet you or visit your cabin for any reason during your stay.
  • We have introduced an enhanced cleaning and disinfection regime paying particular and regular attention to frequently touched surfaces
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the Cabin entrance and all guests and staff are required to use the product when entering the Cabins. 
  • We may not be able to provide early check in to allow us the time required to ensure all enhanced cleaning and sanitising work has been carried out in full.
  • For stays of more than three consecutive nights, we will provide new towels if required. However, during this period of higher risk, and in order to respect your personal space, we will not enter your Cabin whilst you are present. Please therefore, let us know when you would like new towels and leave the used towels in the shower.
  • Some decorative items in the Cabins will be removed to minimise the number of items capable of transmitting the virus. Beds will always offer freshly and hygienically laundered linen on check in.
  • Check in and check out will be carried out following social distancing guidelines. Payments will be processed remotely via the credit card of your choice and receipts issued by email.


We thank our guests for acting in a socially responsible manner during this time and would ask all to follow the simple requests outlined above but please also note the following;

  • By checking into Stronaba Croft Cabins, you will be deemed to have understood and accepted these guidelines.
  • Any guests we find not following these requests will be asked to leave the premises to safeguard the health of other guests and staff.
  • If you, or anyone in your party, start showing any symptoms of Coronavirus (repetitive cough, fever, loss of sense of small or taste, difficulty breathing) we would ask you, or someone in your party, to notify us immediately and remain isolated in your Cabin to await further instructions.
  • We require you to provide full contact details prior to your stay in line with Government guidelines to comply with Track and Trace protocols.
  • We would suggest that you bring a face covering on your trip as face coverings are mandatory on public transport and in most public buildings in Scotland.


These additional arrangements could lead to extra time being required to provide our service to you, but this is in everyone’s interests and we ask for your co-operation.

At Stronaba Croft Cabins, we are committed to offering a high standard of service and facilities to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable stay and we are confident that the necessary guidelines outlined above will not detract from an enjoyable stay with us.